Vessel insulation

The origin of Kranendonk actually lays in the design, supply and installation of insulation systems, in particular for refrigerated holds on board of refrigerated ships and fishing vessels. From the year Kranendonk was founded until the early nineties this has been the core business of Kranendonk and the holds and the workspaces on board of more than 100 refrigerated ships and freezer trawlers have been fitted with insulation and finishing. These days the fishery sector continues to be a significant market for Kranendonk. Aside from the construction of new vessels, renovation and repairs on board of refrigerated ships and fishing vessels form one of the key activities of the business operations.

As a market leader Kranendonk has the knowledge and expertise required for building insulation systems. In addition to insulation systems and lining of freezer compartments, cold and freezer rooms, pipes and accommodations are fitted with appropriate insulation that complies with current industrial requirements.