Company Profile

Kranendonk Bv is specialist in ships interiors, ships insulation and floorings. The strength of Kranendonk Bv are turn key designs, service and new builds. Delivery and installation of complete interiors in accommodations on board maritime vessels, offshore, dredging and offshore wind.

Health and Safety

There are inherent risks to all of our work activities. As an organisation, we want to make sure that our employees, subcontractors and other people associated with our work are aware of these risks. This way, accidents can be prevented and safe working practices will become a habit.

We have had our company certified in accordance with the VCA 2008/5.1 standard. This certification is not only important to our company in order to optimise health and safety, but provides you as our customer security in respect of working safely and the prevention of accidents. This certification is verified by means of an annual audit. This way, we ensure that health and safety within our organisation remains guaranteed.


The company was founded in 1972 by C. Kranendonk and his brother J. Kranendonk. Until the early 1990s, the design, supply and installation of insulation systems for refrigerated vessels and fishing vessels were its core activities. Due to the rise of economies in emerging markets such as China, Indonesia and India, the number of shipyards, and thus the number of orders for new vessels in the Netherlands sharply declined. This resulted in a decrease in the number of insulation and carpentry projects on ships. From 1993 ship panelling and ship interiors have become an important part of our core activity. C. Kranendonk BV has grown into a business with approximately fifty employees.


“The design, supply and installation of complete interiors in accommodation, for which the use of high-quality materials, quality and fulfilling our obligations are key factors.”

Rotterdam Office

Since 1988 our head office has been located at Slikkerveerstraat 31 in Rotterdam. Due to its location between the ports of the Netherlands and with the largest port in Europe just around the corner, this is an ideal location.

On the ground floor you will find our planning office. Here, the engineering for the different projects is carried out. Our experienced engineers ensure that projects are defined in accordance with the customer’s requirements and that the right materials are used and purchased.

In our workshop we have the capacity to provide the highest quality through the use of contemporary techniques and craftsmanship. Our furniture workshop produces furniture with the highest precision. The warehouse and the outside area provide ample capacity for storage of a large amount of material.

Furthermore, our office houses the management department, the financial department, project management and project administration. In addition, the OAC Group B.V. company also has its office on our premises. They are responsible for the execution of offshore turnkey projects. Since the various parties are located in such close proximity, the lines of communication are short. This has resulted in a very flexible organisation.

Schiedam Office

Due to the large amount of work to the former Wilton Feyenoord shipyard, a workshop was opened in the shipyard area of Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam. The work performed at this workshop is for the greater part focused on quick repairs in the port of Rotterdam, in particular at the shipyards of Damen Shiprepair in Schiedam and Pernis. The workshop has its own furniture workshop and has, like in Rotterdam, high-quality machinery, making it possible to manufacture furniture of the highest quality.